Working on Wellness Part III

St. Jerome welcomes YOUTHSPEAK on March 16th! An organization that will be offering virtual presentations for our students on improving mental health and wellness.

The grades 2/3-5 will participate in Building A Selfcare Toolkit Workshop.  This is a fun, interactive workshop that will provide students with 10 tools for managing anxiety and worry.  In fact, we have already begun to implement these strategies during our weekly whole school WOW sessions!

The grades 6-8 will participate in a presentation called Empowering Young Minds For New Times.  This youth-led interactive presentation will bring important conversations on topics such as loneliness, anxiety about the future, and ways to build resilience during difficult times.

Please visit the Youthspeak webpage for further resources so the conversation could continue and we could all work together to help our children navigate through these extraordinary times.