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Working on Wellness Part III

St. Jerome welcomes YOUTHSPEAK on March 16th! An organization that will be offering virtual presentations for our students on improving mental health and wellness.

The grades 2/3-5 will participate in Building A Selfcare Toolkit Workshop.  This is a fun, interactive workshop that will provide students with 10 tools for managing anxiety and worry.  In fact, we have ... Continue reading "Working on Wellness Part III"

WOW! Working on Wellness!

We wanted to welcome our students and staff back to school from our closure with these colourful steps!  These motivational quotes are wellness reminders!  We know that having a positive attitude, resilience, kindness, and St. Jerome school spirit goes a long way!  We love our new steps! They have surely brightened our days! We especially enjoy it when students stop on each step ... Continue reading "WOW! Working on Wellness!"

Working on Wellness Part II

We know that returning to school can bring some mixed emotions for all of us.  Our students are also experiencing a range of feelings and require some extra emphasis on learning how to cope and regulate themselves. Thinking about our students as we guide and support them through this extraordinary time, we want to build in some simple strategies to recognize, acknowledge and embed some ... Continue reading "Working on Wellness Part II"

Working on Wellness Part I

At St. Jerome, we want to recognize the health and well-being of our children. During these challenging times, you may be worried about your child(ren)’s mental health and well-being. You may notice that they are anxious or unsettled, and perhaps have told you that they are worried about someone in the family getting the virus. They may be confused about why usual activities are disrupted ... Continue reading "Working on Wellness Part I"

Continuing Education Programs

The Continuing Education Department is pleased to announce that the Winter/Spring session is about to begin.  There are a number of elementary programs available to support student learning.  The following programs are being offered pending student enrollment and the registration process is currently opened.  

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to review the following list and to take the opportunity to register their child/children:

    ... Continue reading "Continuing Education Programs"