Our School

Welcome to St. Jerome Catholic Elementary School website! This website will be updated on a continuous basis to share school news, and events, and showcase the activities taking place in our dynamic school community.

St. Jerome Catholic Elementary School opened its doors in 2005 to inspire and educate students from kindergarten to grade 8.  Our patron Saint Jerome, is a fine role model of our school’s mission of Faith, Knowledge, and Courage. Our Faith guides us in striving for a Christ-centered approach to learning and living through our studies.  Our quest for Knowledge is understanding the importance of achieving success in our academics.  Our Courage is in being active and committed to being the best we can be for ourselves, and to be of service to others despite any challenges we may experience.

Our school is built on a solid foundation of faith with many key partners serving as our cornerstones. Each month we celebrate our Catholic Virtues and we are driven daily by our Catholic School Graduate Expectations.  We are blessed to be a part of the Our Lady of Grace Parish led by Pastor Fr. John Bertao.  We are happy to participate in the liturgical year and the important sacraments for our children. Our students, teachers, administration, staff, parents, Catholic School Council, superintendent, Laura Sawicky, and trustee, Elizabeth Crowe all contribute to the integrity that makes St. Jerome an enriched and dynamic school for our students to grow and learn.