Working on Wellness Part II

We know that returning to school can bring some mixed emotions for all of us.  Our students are also experiencing a range of feelings and require some extra emphasis on learning how to cope and regulate themselves. Thinking about our students as we guide and support them through this extraordinary time, we want to build in some simple strategies to recognize, acknowledge and embed some positive and healthy routines into their day.

At St. Jerome, we have built into our days something called WOW TIME! Working on Wellness! This is a time when the whole school stops together (remote and in-person learners), to learn and activate some wellness strategies.  For 10 minutes on Mondays and Fridays, we will all take part in a focused activity (i.e. journaling, doodling, breathing techniques) so we could build up our own wellness tool kit. What a great way to start and end the week!  We continue to learn, grow, and strengthen by reinforcing health and wellness!  We are WOW!