Anaphylaxis Policy Review

York Catholic District School Board recognizes that there are  some students within the school system  who are susceptible to severe life threatening anaphylatic reaction that could be life threatening.  Anaphlyatic management is a shared responsibility among allergic students, parents, caregivers, and the entire school community.

In order to keep our students with severe life threatening allergies, anaphylaxis, safe and protected in case of an emergency, parents and/or guardians need to complete an S 15, S15 (a) form available in the school office, and send 2 single dose Epinephrine auto injectors as soon as possible; one to be kept in the office and one to be carried on the student’s person.
(Policy 209)
For this reason, it is imperative students take responsibility for keeping their auto-injector with them at all times and to know how to use it where age and/or developmentally appropriate. The other EpiPen will be stored in the main office.
Anaphylaxis is a sudden and severe allergic reaction that occurs within minutes of exposure.   When students carry their Epinephrine  auto-injectors with them at all times, then there is no delay and they are able to have their medicine life saving medicine immediately.